Over 130 Restaurants, Coffee Shops and Waiting Rooms:

The leading restaurant distribution publication in Santa Barbara. Everyone reads at restaurants or coffee houses and Coffee News is the correct serving size for the mind. With 17 built in learning techniques every advertiser gets seen no matter if your on the front or the back.

Ad Exclusivity: We have it and no one else offers it!

Once you have secured your spot in a Coffee News publication your competitors can only envy you. No competing ads because we protect your category, and it can never be taken away from you. You are never lost in numerous pages of the newspaper and no side by side competitors.

Everything for a successful Ad campaign at an affordable cost.

Coffee News is read by over 8,000 each week. We distribute anywhere from Fine Dining establishments to Fast Food restaurants, Coffee Shops and places where people wait throughout the region.

Our readers are:
Anywhere from 8 – 80 years old.

52% are female. 48% are male.
43% of the females are between the ages of 35-50
32% of the females are between the ages of 50-60
42 % of the males are between the ages of 35-50
28 % of the males are between the ages of 50-60

Online Business ads are exclusive to current Coffee News Print advertisers and has no additional charges. You will get great visibility by anyone viewing our website.

Why Advertise With Coffee News?

Statistics show that a buyer does not purchase a product or service until they have been exposed to that product or service anywhere from 7-13 times. Enter Coffee News. Your neighborhood business NEEDS neighborhood coverage, and there is very little, if any, advertising media that allows you to target your advertising dollars so precisely and so effectively. Coffee News manages to reach the highest and most potent concentration of potential customers of ANY media — for a fraction of the cost!

Exposure!  Your ad is seen 3 meals a day, 7 days a week by thousands.

We design  eye catching and explosive ads that ate created specifically for Coffee News.  Through 20 years of Coffee News publishing and research we have determined the optimal specifications for an effective and profitable ad for your business.  Let us show you how our talented and knowledgeable graphics department can create an astonishing ad that will bring you more customers.

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