Target Marketing of Santa Barbara

Top 5 Markets Within Santa Barbara

Marketing in Santa Barbara can seem daunting to a firm trying to break into the market, but the complex demographics and subtle differences between geographic regions can be made much more clear by understanding the population within Santa Barbara. Target Marketing of Santa Barbara involves understanding the residents of Santa Barbara. Understanding the people makes target marketing much more effective.

College Students

College students are a large demographic within Santa Barbara, and they generally have a fair amount of disposable income to spend on entertainment. Successful target marketing of Santa Barbara should include consideration for college students and they money they have available to spend. It should also include their ability to spread information through word of mouth.

The Elderly

The elderly have a very large presence in Santa Barbara. Take note of the elderly constituents in your target marketing of Santa Barbara, since they play a large role in the investment community. Target Marketing of Santa Barbara should take into account the elderly population within Santa Barbara as well as the surrounding communities.

Real Estate Professionals

Real estate is one of the largest professional pursuits in Santa Barbara, and real estate professionals make up a very large percentage of Santa Barbara’s residents. Real estate professionals should be taken into consideration when preparing a campaign for target marketing of Santa Barbara — they generally spend more on consumer goods and luxury goods than the average resident. They also spend quite a bit of money on professional materials, which generally are not target marketed as well as they could be.

Stay at home parents

Most households in Santa Barbara are single-income, meaning that only one member of the family works. While this market overlaps with many other markets, it also presents specific opportunities for targeted marketing and should be included in any campaign that wishes to achieve target marketing of Santa Barbara. These individuals usually make purchasing decisions for their households, giving them an incredible amount of decision-making authority and therefore makes them a very lucrative target for a marketing campaign.

Tourist Community

Santa Barbara is home to some of the country’s most pristine coastline, and thousands of tourists flock to its beaches every year for some much-deserved vacation. These individuals descend upon Santa Barbara with money to spend, and a successful Target Marketing of Santa Barbara demographics should include tourists as a vital aspects of its money-making potential. Tourists also have word-of-mouth dissemination power and can spread the news of your product, and thus extend your marketing campaign, far beyond the limits of your budget.

Santa Barbara is a powerful source of commerce and a lucrative market to enter your business into. Any marketing campaign that wasn’ts to successfully target Santa Barbara should take the above demographics into account and make special effort to appeal to their eclectic interests and needs.

About The Author: Curtis Miller is a local Santa Barbara Marketing Consultant who started the Coffee News as a low cost Santa Barbara Marketing alternative to traditional Santa Barbara Print Advertising from higher priced mediums such as the Santa Barbara Daily News, and Santa Barbara News-Press. A seasoned marketing consultant, Curtis recognized the ballooning costs of Santa Barbara Radio Advertising are not a reality for most small business owners. Curtis Miller can be reached at Phone 805-455-8083

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