Santa Barbara Target Marketing

Three Keys to Santa Barbara Target Marketing

Target marketing is a system of specific advertising actions taken to develop a segmented portion of the total populace as customers for a specific company. This portion of the total market is identified as the market segment. Since we understand that consumers do not all want the same thing, the purpose of target marketing is to direct advertising to the customer is most likely to have an interest in a product.

For Santa Barbara Target Marketing, or anywhere, there are three major keys that must be accomplished for your advertising to be effective. The first objective is to identify the segment of the population most likely to be your target audience. In the case of an existing company, identifying the target market or market segment can be accomplished by acquiring the demographic data of your existing customers.

When discussing target marketing of Santa Barbara, one of the first objectives is to determine how narrowly you wish to define your market segment. Market segments are generally identified by numerous group characteristics, including age, race, sex, education level, employment status, income level, and much more. When defining your target market, one of the things you must do is decide how narrowly or broadly to define a market. For example, if your target market were first-time homebuyers, you would need to decide if it were young homebuyers, generally, ages 25 to 35, or empty nest homebuyers, generally meaning those closer to age 50.

A second key to Santa Barbara Target Marketing is to identify the product being sold and the best form of advertising to use to sell it. Many types of advertising are more effective for one product than for another. When choosing target marketing, you will work closely with your advertising agency to determine what form of advertising is most relevant to your market segment. For example, Internet-based advertising will be more effective with younger target markets than it would be with senior citizens. Once the segment of the market is identified, you can work closely to determine the best way to approach this market segment.

The third key to Santa Barbara Target Marketing is to determine how best to expose the target market to your advertising. While television advertising is particularly successful in some cases, it would for example be inappropriate to advertise new cars during children’s cartoons. For target marketing to be effective, the campaign must understand how to reach a specific segment of the market that is being targeted. This means the advertising agency and their customers need to be aware of consumer trends and interests as a way of identifying the appropriate site for advertising.

If these three keys to target marketing in Santa Barbara are followed, advertising will be more effective and more likely to reach buyers.

About The Author: Curtis Miller is a local Santa Barbara Marketing Consultant who started the Coffee News as a low cost Santa Barbara Marketing alternative to traditional Santa Barbara Print Advertising from higher priced mediums such as the Santa Barbara Daily News, and Santa Barbara News-Press. A seasoned marketing consultant, Curtis recognized the ballooning costs of Santa Barbara Radio Advertising are not a reality for most small business owners. Curtis Miller can be reached at Phone 805-455-8083

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