Santa Barbara Marketing

Basic Steps for Santa Barbara Marketing

Many people underestimate the power of marketing, believing that advertising alone is the way to draw customers and create a brand image. Many do not even understand the concept of marketing, let alone what it can do for them.

The point of marketing in Santa Barbara, or anywhere else, is to develop an advertising plan. Individual ads can promote a single sale or help to sell a single item, but in any market the way to establish oneself and create a market identity is to develop a marketing plan.

Marketing in Santa Barbara requires strict planning and analysis of the Santa Barbara market. Anyone familiar with Santa Barbara will know that there are several media outlets that provide options for advertising. In addition, not all advertising is done via traditional media outlets like radio and television.

When opting for marketing in Santa Barbara, there are many alternatives to consider. Often, car dealerships and other retail outlets consider the use of spotlights, huge blowup characters, and other gimmicks designed to draw the attention of the potential customer.

While gimmicks will help in much the same way a single sale will help, but much better approach to marketing is to create a brand identity so that everyone in Santa Barbara recognizes your seemingly unrelated advertisements. For example, if the business wanted to establish itself as the number one home seller in Santa Barbara, the business might want to consider establishing a “catch phrase” or advertising slogan, a series of colors, and a logo that are instantly identifiable.

The key to Santa Barbara Marketing is planning ahead and establishing the identity that appeals to customers. If a company wants to project an image that it sells only high quality, expensive merchandise, the marketing plan would include the image created by its salespeople, and perhaps even the vehicles they drive.

Santa Barbara Marketing requires an understanding of the citizens of Santa Barbara and portraying via your advertisements, salespeople, and even business location that you can relate to the people of Santa Barbara. Attempting to sell luxury homes from a dilapidated office, or while driving an older model car, can give potential clients the wrong impression, leading them to believe you are not successful at what you do.

Much of Santa Barbara Marketing is about image, both the image of the product you sell , and the company you represent. The first step done in developing a marketing plan for Santa Barbara is to take a look around your company as though you were seeing it for the first time. Items that many people do not often think to consider and include in their marketing budget includes staff uniforms, office decorations, and company cars.

The first part of your marketing plan should be to project an image of professionalism and friendliness. Once you have established the look for your company, the next step is to identify the advertising image you wish to project.

While many people are tempted to skimp on the advertising size as a means to save money, larger, more colorful ads project an image of success and will help draw additional clients to your business.

About The Author: Curtis Miller is a local Santa Barbara Marketing Consultant who started the Coffee News as a low cost Santa Barbara Marketing alternative to traditional Santa Barbara Print Advertising from higher priced mediums such as the Santa Barbara Daily News, and Santa Barbara News-Press. A seasoned marketing consultant, Curtis recognized the ballooning costs of Santa Barbara Radio Advertising are not a reality for most small business owners. Curtis Miller can be reached at Phone 805-455-8083

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