Santa Barbara Daily News

Where do we find the daily news in Santa Barbara? There are many new electronic and printed sources to catch the latest news here in our thriving seaside town, many of which have emerged in the just the past few years. Santa Barbara is a very small town, around 90,000 according to the 2000 census, but for its size there are many events that we locals follow very closely. I have listed a few resources for you to track the latest Santa Barbara Daily News.

Electronic Daily News Sources

  • ·KEYT Television News – Local Headlines– featuring local television news with a comprehensive website.
  • ·– a complete online website dedicated to reporting the latest news directly to its website.
  • ·– emails the latest news stories directly to your personal email. A great way to distract yourself at work.
  • ·News Press TV– online news channels that you can watch via the internet.
  • ·Planet Santa Barbara– if your planet consists of Santa Barbara, you’ve landed at the right place.

Print Daily News Sources

  • ·Santa Barbara Daily Sound– smaller independent quick-read of Santa Barbara daily news.
  • ·Daily Nexus– UCSB centered daily news for students, staff and surrounding residents
  • ·Santa Barbara News Press– a comprehensive newspaper that includes in depth local news along with regional and world news.

Santa Barbara is a very active city with a thriving commercial district, festivals whose attendance out numbers our population and a bar scene that will rival cities triple in size. There are many event topic which include business, politics and crime that keep our daily news full of interesting stories. Santa Barbara seems to have the most engaged citizens out of any where I have lived before. Our tight knit community seems to keep up to date on most occurrences in our town, nation and world. Santa Barbara, being about 100 miles to Los Angeles, a world epicenter, makes it well connected town, with residents including movie stars, famous musicians, and retired CEOs.

In the headlines of Santa Barbara daily news you will find topics ranging from the seamlessly never ending fires, gang violence (fairly minimal but people make a huge deal about it when it does occur), political decisions, local celebrity gossip, new and expanding businesses and more. A common topic in the Santa Barbara daily news is the attempt by city hall to continuously restrain the expansion of the city which includes new chain stores wanting to tap into the high-end demographics of our town and in turn drown out our local merchants. Other hot topics in the Santa Barbara daily news are residential and commercial buildings trying to be built or remodeled only to find themselves caught in a lengthy, sometimes several years, approval process.

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