Considering print advertising in Santa Barbara is a very daunting task due to the large supply of publications available.   It seems every coffee shop and restaurant is filled with things to read.  Just in local news alone you have the Santa Barbara News Press, the Independent, Montecito Journal and the Mesa News.  Then there are loads of specialty print advertising in Santa Barbara options like those whose focus is on home architecture, small business, weddings, horseback riding, or indoor decor.

One thing to consider when choosing where your advertising dollars will go, is to evaluate whether your product or service will be used by visitors of Santa Barbara.  Tourists spend about $1 billion dollars annually in Santa Barbara, so if these are potential customers, you need to spend time and money to get your sales pitch to them.

When evaluating print advertising in Santa Barbara, you need to consider the price of each advertising option, but also keep in mind who your target audience is.  If there is a certain audience that a particular publication is hitting directly, then the extra cost of advertising in that publication might be worth while.   If you find a good place to advertise, make sure that you are in that publication continuously.  Your never going to see any results from advertising for just a month or two, no matter what the advertising vehicle.

To advertise effectively and get results from your hard earned cash, choose a yearly budget, then divide that by 12 months and now you know how much you can spend on advertising.   Choose the print advertising in Santa Barbara option you can afford and stick to it all year long.  Each year try to increase your spending as your business grows.  Many people stop advertising when sales increase which is a bad move.  Others will stop advertising when sales are slow, this never made sense to me.  If sales are slow, you need to spend MORE money or time to increase your sales.

If you can’t afford Santa Barbara print advertising or other forms of advertising and marketing, then look for ways you can hand out fliers and attend networking meetings or making cold calls.   If you don’t have money or time, then you should not be starting a business.  If you expect people to show up at your door step just because you have a few business cards and a website, your going to become part of the 90% of entrepreneurs who’s business does not succeed past the first year.

Yes, I understand that print advertising in Santa Barbara can be expensive, so do your research and choose your demographics, location and distribution wisely.  And if I can leave you with one word that will be your guiding light when choosing advertising, it is CONSISTENCY.  You will never know if your advertising dollars or all your time spent is effective unless you do it on a regular basis.  So keep it up, don’t give up and keep your brand in front of peoples faces until they can’t go anywhere without seeing your print advertising in Santa Barbara.

About The Author: Curtis Miller is a local Santa Barbara Marketing Consultant who started the Coffee News as a low cost Santa Barbara Marketing alternative to traditional Santa Barbara Print Advertising from higher priced mediums such as the Santa Barbara Daily News, and Santa Barbara News-Press. A seasoned marketing consultant, Curtis recognized the ballooning costs of Santa Barbara Radio Advertising are not a reality for most small business owners. Curtis Miller can be reached at Phone 805-455-8083

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