Behind all the hype about SEO and social media marketing, there is a hard truth: it’s labor intensive work! To keep up with it, you need help. Instead of giving you a to-do list, The Search Engine Pros roll up their sleeves and help you execute on the strategy.

The disconnected approach to e-marketing by stringing together many cheap services leads businesses down a one step forward, two steps backward path. Most business owners are unknowingly spending too much money on marketing, or spending money in the wrong way with a disconnected web strategy.

Founder Taylor Reaume and his Santa Barbara marketing experts presents a weekly internet marketing workshop in Santa Barbara. Each week, 10-20 business owners attend the complementary Santa Barbara Web Design and SEO workshop presented by The Search Engine Pros, and aimed at local business owners wanting to learn more about how to grow their businesses on Google and the search engines.

Topics include: internet marketing statistics, Google search marketing, paid search engine marketing, organic seo, ethical seo services, web design, social media strategy, link building strategy, ppc bid mangement, adwords experts strategy and more.

If you are a writer or a web designer seeking a position with one of the areas leading web firms please apply here.

With an extreme focus on listening skills and the socratic method, The Search Engine Pros helps businesses keep their marketing costs low and get the highest return on investment from their marketing dollars with a tightly woven strategy for traffic building.

“Being a good web consultant means being a good communicator, knowing your limitations, being honest, walking your talk. The number one skill we look for when hiring is listening skills. The teaching takes place in the words, but the learning takes place in the silences.” said Reaume

The new office is located at 629 State Street STE 204 Santa Barbara, CA 93101 – situated in downtown Santa Barbara across from the Paseo Nuevo Mall and above the Velo Pro Bike Store.

Reaume walks the talk and has built a successful Santa Barbara marketing company through educating and empowering locals at his weekly Santa Barbara Web Design and SEO Workshop(offered Thursdays at 5:30pm-6:30pm at 629 State Street). Reaume covers topics such as Google Adwords strategyWordPress designsearch engine optimization (SEO), SEO campaign managementbranding consulting and social media marketing.  Reaume adds, “Web marketing and social media are the lowest cost tools for building a business today.”

About Search Engine Pros:  The Search Engine Pros are a group of internet marketing consultants and web marketers with proven track record for success. Known primarily as SEO copywriters and WordPress web designers, they maximize your profits through a low cost, highly effective online marketing plan which consists of a healthy mix of search marketingSEO marketingemail marketing and SEO enhanced press releases.  They are among the topWordPress coders in the country.