Personal Animal Training

Choosing to train with Nicole Flowers is about enriching your Pet’s life; thus enriching you, the pet- owner’s life.  

Animal training our dogs, cats and birds is about establishing structured communication by creating a vocabulary between the owner and the pet.  This structure is achieved through diligence and consistency.  

All training requires the backbone of you, the pet owner, being established as an authority figure.  Basic obedience is the key to a successful owner-pet relationship.  After this is established, training exciting behaviors is just a matter of honing in on the individual pet’s natural aptitudes.

Animal Training

Animal Training

Whether it be a choreographed Frisbee routine, an agility course for your dog or a nifty trick for your bird or cat, the opportunities are endless once the proper reward for your individual pet is found.   Many pets respond well to verbal reinforcement alone.  Others need something more, a physical reward such as a tennis ball, frisbee, bell, cat nip, dog bone, small hot dog piece, even a pieces of fruit.  Positive reinforcement is always the way to train, every behavior successfully!

Proper pet training not only involves training the animal, but also, teaching the pet owner.  The job of a personal pet trainer is to instill a language of communication and set boundaries with your pet.  Next, teach you how to consistently enforce and reinforce the desired behavior.

Throughout her life, a love of animals has been a constant for Nicole Flowers.  This affinity for creatures big and small, winged and finned, fury and feathery, is what has led her to become a trusted and thorough personal pet trainer.

Growing up in Portland, Oregon, Nicole recieved her bachelor’s degree in Zoological Biology from Portland State University.  Before she decided to focus on personal pet training, Nicole’s work covered the breadth of the animal kingdom.  This included internships in zoo work, seal and sea lion rescue and rehabilitation, shelter work and personal projects.

With a heart for rescue animals, Nicole worked for several years as a trainer in the “Pets Rule” show, a long-running feature at Sea World in San Diego.  The fun and fast comedic show features a wide-array of rescue animals form the expected–dogs, cats and pigs– to more exotic, like macaws, emus and kangaroos!  All of this is done with a strong adoption message woven throughout the program.

It is this wealth of experience that gives Nicole the skill set necessary to help you and your pet forge a closer bond.  Whether it is behavior modification, developing necessary household practices, or novelty behaviors, Nicole can help enrich the lives of you– the pet owner– and your pet.

Animal Training

Animal Training