Are you tired of advertising in publications that cost you hundreds of your hard earned dollars just to find out you get no new customers?

Don’t you think that your advertising should pay for itself?

Are you cutting back your advertising budget because you can’t afford it in this economy?

I started the Coffee News here in Santa Barbara because small business owners I knew would always tell me that advertising is too expensive and that it never got them new business.  They would tell me that word of mouth is the only way they get new customers, but with the slow economy, they need more business.  I had always thought there has to be a better way to advertise besides the big expensive publications in town.  Then, while visiting the east coast in  2008 I stooped in a local coffee shop in Bangor Main and right by the register I picked up a small tan colored paper.  It had the funniest little stories, jokes, trivia and fun facts.  It had ads running down the sides of the pages and the content in the middle.  All of the advertisements were on the front or the back of the paper and not lost somewhere in the middle on a page with no content.  The ads were simple, fun and eye-catching.

What I found while visiting Bangor, Main was the Coffee News weekly newspaper.  I immediately called the publisher of the paper and I found out that Coffee News has been around for 20 years.  He said Coffee News provides exclusivity, locking out advertiser’s competition.  I thought, “There is no other publications in Santa Barbara that does that.”  He also said that just because Coffee News looks like a innocent, fun and entertaining publication, don’t let it fool you, it is actually packed with 13 different subliminal techniques to get the readers to read the ads instead of the content down the middle.

I immediately thought this Coffee News publication is a new and improved form of print advertising.  Coffee News is affordable for advertisers too because it is printed in black and white, cutting out the high cost of color printing.  All the content is all written by professional writers to keep its readers engaged and coming back for a new edition each week.  Readers also love Coffee News because there is a contest each week to win a $50 gift certificate where they find the Coffee News Character hidden in one of the ads.

Ever since I began my Coffee News business in Santa Barbara, restaurant owners, patrons and staff continuously tell me  and they loved it.  Ever since that day I first published Coffee News, people come up to me and say they  love reading the Trivia Section or the Fun Facts, which fosters conversation and promotes the advertisers.   But the number one thing I hear from Coffee News readers is:

“Coffee News… I see that little paper EVERYWHERE!!”

Coffee News Locks Out Your Competitors.

Coffee News is Affordable.

Get Great Exposure in 130 Restaurants, Coffee Shops and Waiting Rooms.

Your Ad is On the Front or Back, But Never Lost in The Middle.

We Help Design an Ad That Will Grab Your Customers Attention.

We will help you promote your business on the Internet too.  We get lots of traffic to our site and we will put your ad, your business info and link to your website in our advertisers section.

The Coffee News is read by thousands of people every day so you know you’ll get great exposure and visibility but in addition, we take all leftover Coffee News papers and re-distribute them at the end of each week to residential and commercial locations through out the city.


What do our current advertisers have to say about us?  They love advertising in the Coffee News

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